Anna from the University of Eastern Finland: Australian experiences

Hi, my name is Anna. I’m from the University of Eastern Finland and came to the Sunshine Coast and USC to get new experiences. This is the first time in Australia for me (and outside Europe) so I was really excited to come here. Let me show you some of the best moments so far.


Zoo: A day at the Australia Zoo was fun. I went there with a group of new friends. We saw koalas, crocodiles, elephants, different birds, fed kangaroos… There was a lot to see and it took us the whole day to see everything. One of the cutest animals I saw was this wombat in the picture.

Surfing: A few weeks ago I went to a surf camp to learn to surf (Mojosurf). It was a fun weekend. The first day was a little too cold and I was freezing on the surfboard but in the next couple days the weather was warmer. Water was quite warm actually, at least compared with Finland. I learned how to catch waves (mainly the smaller ones).

Beaches: I love to walk on the beach. Beaches at the Sunshine Coast are really beautiful. If I stayed here longer, I would live at the Mooloolaba. I must also say that the weather here in the winter time is perfect for me; it’s not too hot or too cold. And it’s been sunny for most of the time.

Kangaroos: And last but not least, I like the kangaroos here at the campus. Many times a week when I walk to Uni or back home to Varsity, I see them. They are so cute.

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