Carol-Anne from IUT France: My trip to Sydney

Post 2 Carol-Anne.JPGHey everyone!

My name is Carol-Anne. I’m a French 23 year old student undertaking a Master in Communication. I’ve been in Australia for 7 months now and I just started my second semester here.

I’ve been living in an ocean front unit in Alexandra Headland which has been pretty nice and it is going to be hard to leave afterwards!

During my first semester, I had a bit of time to travel in Australia. I decided to go to Sydney because the flights were so cheap. The city was really nice and hectic! I got to see the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. My friends and I ate at the Fish Market and shopped at the Queen Victoria Building. We spent a weekend in Sydney, and it was great because it really changes from the Sunshine Coast. However, at the end of the day, nothing is better than an ocean front unit where you can hear the waves crash at night.

During this semester, I plan on going to New Zealand for the Rugby World Cup. I should be going there during the semester break in September. Hopefully, it won’t be too cold as it will only be the beginning of spring over there.

Being in Australia, on the Sunshine Coast is such an amazing experience and I will never forget it, and trust me, you won’t either!

Cheers, Carol-Anne

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