Kanako from Japan: Sunday lunch

Hello, my name is Kanako Endo. I’m from Japan. I came to USC as an exchange student. I’ve been here for over 3 months and been living at Varsity Apartments. I’m studying English here and I’m staying here until December.

I have a good time at Varsity with my friends. I spend much time talking with them and sometimes we hang out and cook together. I have many friends from different countries. It is a new experience for me because we do not have this variety in Japan. I feel really excited!

Everybody cooked food and shared them with each other. These are my friends, and they are from Finland, Brazil and Japan and Korea. The Korean girl is not in this picture because she took the photo. We had sandwiches, salad, Korean sushi which is called KINPA and cheese cake with Japanese green tea and cappuccino. During lunch, we talked a lot, for example about sports, cooking, fashion and studies. We had a great time!

I think these moments are precious and I will never forget them. Studying at the desk is important and necessary for university students. However, spending time with friends and having a chat are also important and make our lives richer.

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