I’emari from US: studying at USC

As each day passes I see myself growing in more ways that I never expected. This Sunday Night, I was so overwhelmed that I had to go for a walk. I was not overwhelmed due to stress but because I was so happy to be here. The staff members in each department that I have met, has always been very nice and helpful! It truly reminds me of home, but just with different people. I am learning more and more every day that the people that I am talking to on regular bases here will probably be friends that I hope to have for a lifetime.  The lessons that I learn each day about other cultures are priceless because I am not learning about them from a text book, but by personal interaction. And speaking of text books, in my class I am learning So much about Indigenous people which is mind blowing and very interesting! I love the way that classes are set up in which there is a Lecture and a Tutorial. This in my opinion is amazing. In my opinion, this school is designed to Help you with your studies as well as to teach you, and not just about “Book Smarts” but about life.

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