I’emari from US: new emotions

Upon my arrival, I was very nervous about what was in store. I knew that I was a person that could be very social but that was because I had become familiar with my surrounds and the people around it. This was expected, being that Mississippi was where I born and raised for my whole life. “This place would be different”, I thought in my head on the airplane. Yet, one thing that stood out in my mind was something that my mother always said about me to everyone she knew, which was, “my son never meets a stranger”. These words gave me the encouragement I needed in order to pursue a healthy, fun, and memorable semester here at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Of course when I arrived I slept the day, and maybe another, away. For the plane ride was so long and it was also my first time flying ever in my life. What an experience. As a child I always loved clouds. I can remember just sitting on my porch either making shapes out of the distorted figures, or trying to calculate when the showers would finally fall from the cumulonimbus clouds. But this was the first time I had saw the clouds from another view. These clouds were also my perspectives. For entering into a new place, the perspective on life would change in ways and strengthen in others. The University of the Sunshine Coast would be the start of a new Chapter in my life.

Now after a month living here, I had finally felt a feeling that I had only heard of but never experienced. This was feeling that that comes from an experience that a person has to go through in order to really understand. A feeling that makes you feels so sad that you don’t just want to cry, but you actually do. This feeling that I felt was call “Home Sick”. I went to the library to read a book from one of my classes and I was not sure was it the sad book that really pushed the compressed emotions out, but all of a sudden I thought about my Fraternity brothers, family, and friends, and within a twinkling of an eye, I began to cry. I was in a corner and was actually glad because I did not want to draw attention to myself. I closed the book quickly turned on my laptop in order to log onto Facebook so that I could look at some pictures from home. Just as soon as I click on the first picture, I received a message from one of my friends that I had met here at the university that was from Germany. I replied back but did not let on that I was sad. Before I knew it, he found out and began telling me how he felt the same way but that it was a feeling that would pass. It was a feeling that all internationals felt because we all missed our family and friends. Then he went on to say something that really stuck with me and that I hold dear to my heart. He said that he felt that with this being our first experience here and the bond that we all made with each other that he felt that some strange way, we would develop a family among ourselves. Not just Americans or Germans but everyone.

And at that moment, I knew that it wasn’t just the plans for the future, but it was taking place right then in the present. USC had begun making a place in my heart and with intentions of not renting, but staying. And I was happy to have a new Tenant.

One thought on “I’emari from US: new emotions

  1. Beautiful!
    I’ve felt it too … but the best thing is that when you go home eventually, you’ll feel a reverse version of it … I call it “Home-away-from-home sick”. It’s unavoidable because experiences like this make lasting impressions in your heart. 🙂

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