Felix from Germany: Arriving at the University of the Sunshine Coast

Hey everybody,

my name is Felix and I would like to share my experiences as an international student at the University of the Sunshine Coast with you! ​Originally I’m from Germany, where I attend the German Sports University Cologne for my Sportsmanagement Bachelor degree.

I came over to Australia as part of an exchange student program and will stay at the USC for one semester.

In my first blog entry I’d like to tell you about my first impressions when I arrived over here.

It’s already seven weeks ago that my Australia adventure began, but time is running over here and it feels like I arrived yesterday!

I arrived with a fellow student back from Germany at the second of July and I was immediately overwhelmed by the dimensions of this country. When we are talking about distances in Europe, a journey about 2 hours (which was the time it took from the airport to the Sunshine Coast) is quite a lot. Here in Australia it is more like a stone’s throw away.

During the first two weeks at the coast I had many things to organise. I had to find accommodation, get a student bus ticket, get my student ID, find a mobile phone provider and other things like that. It wasn’t always that easy, but literally everybody over here loves to help! That was maybe the best thing I’ve experienced so far. All the stories you might have heared about the Aussies, concerning that they are probably the most likeable people on the planet are actually true! You can ask basically everything and the person you asked will try to help you 100%. That makes life as a foreigener much more easy!

My first days at the University of the Sunshine Coast were very exciting too!

USC is a very familiar University with about 8000 students. About 10 % of the students over here are students from abroad and the uni provided an orientation week for all international and domestic students, which helped a lot to get to know the facilities and the teaching staff. But to be honest, the best thing about the O-week was the opportunity to get to know heaps of new fellow students and to feel as a part of USC family immediately!

Last but not least I’ve got one Anecdote left, which may serve all clichés you’ve got in your mind concerning Australia. At my first day at uni, I saw free-living kangaroos right ON the campus! They are living over here, because a wildlive reservat is right next to the uni. You should have seen me, when they crossed my way!



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