Tiina from Finland: Rainy day remedy

Heavy rain. Severe thunderstorm warning. Possibility of hail.

There has been some serious speculation amongst international students about the origins of the name “Sunshine Coast”.

As we all know, even if we do not always admit it, the name of the university (and the region) was one of the aspects that drew our attention in the first place. Life on the Sunshine Coast must be relaxed and, most importantly, very sunny all year through – right? Having to purchase a pair of actual winter boots (read: Uggs, of course) during the first few days in Australia, and all this heavy rain we have been getting for the past couple of weeks, just was not what I and many other international students signed up for!

Some of us seem to be pretty sure that it is just all about the Australian sense of humour: “Hey mate, as this area gets heaps of rain and can be pretty cold, let’s call it the Sunshine Coast!” After realising and accepting that it can be sometimes a little nippy and rainy in Australia, it was time to start making the best of rainy days.

The best thing is that it is not even half as hard as it sounds! Much as we all love sunshine and warm days, who would not still enjoy listening to the rain curled up in the corner of the couch, or taking a hot bath after getting soaked in the rain? My personal favourite is to wear cosy wool socks and have a cup of delicious coffee (you can also go for tea or hot chocolate) with chocolate biscuits – i.e. Tim Tams, of course. Yes, I am sure all of the Australian readers know straight away what a cup of coffee and Tim Tams means, and no, I am not good at it! For all the international students who may not know yet: It is an Australian tradition to bite off the opposite corners of your Tim Tam, dip it into your coffee, and then suck the chocolate-y middle bit out along with the hot beverage.

Granted, it does not sound too appealing, but it is a whole lot of fun to try and manage to do it properly – especially when the biscuits are very tasty and you may have to try a few times… One more bonus is that I actually find it a lot easier to concentrate in doing my readings for the uni when I have no need to go outside, and sometimes I am secretly happy if it is, in fact, raining in the morning of my day off!

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