Felix from Germany: G’day mates

G’Day mates, Squizz my new post, I reckon you will be stoked reading it! Otherwise I’ll spit the dummy and will be bloody spewin’! Did u get the meaning of the sentences above? If not, don’t blame yourself. I had to figure out pretty soon, that the Aussies have developed kind of their own language and just pretend to speak “regular” English.

Photo: Felix in Brisbane

The Aussie language, as I like to call it, owns unique expressions as much as new meaning for words you think you already know. Just one example: I was really surprised and shocked, as a girl asked on a pin board on Face book the following question to a party host: “Is it appropriate, that we wear thongs at the party?” My first reaction was like: ” Is that girl really asking on a public pin board whether she should wear underwear or not?

I HAVE to attend this party!”……well, later I found out that it wasn’t that big deal…she was just asking if the location was suitable for wearing flip-flops, which are also called “thongs” over here.

Photo: Alexandra Headland Beach

      Photo: Sand between the toes

But let’s come back to my daily life over here. Since last week I am an official team member of the USC Spartans! Sounds martial, doesn’t it? All USC sports team members are called like that. I am joining the USC Volleyball squad and will participate with my new team at the Australian University games at the Gold coast. It’s all about six days of competing against other unis from all over Australia combined with a party marathon. I can’t wait for it!

But what I like the most is the fact, that all my teammates are Australian. As funny as it sounds, actually it’s pretty much a challenge to find people over here that are NOT German! We have heaps of German exchange students and even more German backpackers, who like to spend some time at the coast. I can’t blame them for that decision!! So seriously, except my lectures and tutorials at uni, I could speak German all day, if I wanted to.

Well, as this is not the case, I am also very happy with my new job. I’m coaching kids in Basketball for a local sports club over here. I did the same in Germany for years, but it’s quit a challenge to do it in another language. By the way, the kids told me that my accent sounds Jamaican…….I’m still not sure what that says about my English skills. However, I need to stop writing now, because Volleyball training starts soon!

 Go for Gold Spartans!

P.S.: The sentence means something like “You better like my new post, because otherwise I’m getting angry” 😉

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