Lee (Seung Hwan) from South Korea:

Hi! I’m Lee from Korea.

I read some other people’s blogs and I think they are lovely.

When I was suggested join the USC International Student Blog, I thought it would be good talking about some useful information; So I’m going to blog about my experience for part time jobs.

I planned to study just one semester; however, I heard there was a way to get a degree from USC with just a little more study. II received some credits for courses which I studied in Korea for 3 years, so I can graduate earlier than I expected (if you ask to USC International Relations, they can give you more information).

The problem I was faced with was money because Australia’s currency is so strong in comparison to Korean currency; it means I should try and earn the living costs, at least ;), by myself.

The sunshine coast is quite small and not a major city so it is a little harder to get a job. But you can easily get a job as long as you keep trying :D.

My point is if you want work while you study in Australia, you need to get a Tax File Number (TFN) which is available through online (http://www.ato.gov.au).

I worked in a local Indian restaurant for one week and then they didn’t call me again. I asked the pay but the boss said I was just trainee so I can’t get the money. I replied I studied law for 3 years in Korea and I don’t exactly know Australia law but generally speaking, you have responsibility for any employment!!

One of my friends from Taiwan also had a similar problem with the same restaurant. He worked for two weeks and made a mistake to deliver food to the wrong address. Then, he got fired and the boss didn’t pay 😦 . 

I think the boss is cheating some of those who don’t know the Australian work laws. To work in Australia, you need to get the tax file number and give it to your boss before starting work; it’s the law. I didn’t know about it at the time but I do now and so do you.

I’m a foreigner so I don’t want to make legal problems while I’m studying in Australia so I decided not to worry about it at the time. I’ll consider the money for the cost of the lesson which is: It’s important to know the law and that there are some bad people!

Fortunately, I’ve now got a great job in a Thai restaurant named Thai Street in Mooloolaba. The boss is friendly and the other staff (they are the USC students as well) are also so lovely :). Please, keep in mind the Tax File Number!

Wishing you luck. Bye bye.



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