Natnaree from Thailand: EKKA, the fair that I waited for a year!

Hi everyone.  I have been here in Australia for 18 months now . Last year, I heard about the EKKA in Brisbane.

At first I was wondering what is EKKA, and then I asked some of my Aussie friends and found that EKKA is an agricultural show and also have amazing attractions. Unfortunately, I missed it last year. This year EKKA 2011 was started from 11 to 20 August at Brisbane (sorry, it is now gone). I went there with my friends from the Coast to Bowen Park in Brisbane. How exciting! I saw a lot of extreme rides. I tried the ride call ‘Extreme Speed’. It looks like a high pole (about 24 meters high), contained four people each side. It turned me upside down and swung me 360 degrees. I screamed like crazy! My friend thought I was crying.

Next, I tried the ghost ride. It was nice. I will not tell you what is inside. It was really awesome and great experience. I spent time (and money) in EKKA until late. I knew they had some shows and animals somewhere, but I was so tired to walk around. I really want to come back again next year to try all the rides and walk around the showbags areas (where I can buy the samples products from difference brands).

EKKA made my weekend so perfect!   I will not miss it next year!

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