Natnaree from Thailand: Sunshine Coast life

My sunshine life!

Hello everyone! My name is Natnaree. I am from Thailand and I am doing a Master of Communications. I have been here for one and a half year. Living in Sunshine Coast is wonderful. In Sunshine Coast is no traffic, no pollution like in the big cities. I can have a deep breath every morning and all day long. Also I love to spend my time on the beach. That is so amazing. The most important thing for me is safety. Sunshine Coast is very safe place to stay. The local people are so nice and kind.

Let talk about USC. USC is my second home here. Who can imagine that I can see the real kangaroos around the University! It shows how USC try to keep the good environment for the students. A lot of green spaces around the University make me feel so relax. Everyone in USC is nice and friendly. Lecturer, tutors, staff and students always have very warm welcome for international students.

So, I really enjoy every day of my life when I am here.

This photo is when I was in the first week of this University.

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