LEE from South Korea: Fortunes found at the beach!

Hi, everyone~ ^^. How’s your mid-term break?

Fortunately, the weather is warm these days and we can enjoy the lovely Sunshine Coast.

I live in Mooloolaba so I see a lot of people at the beach when I passing by there.

 I tried swimming recently but it’s not warm enough for me yet!! So, my friend and I are going to go surfing next week and have some dinner at the BBQ place.

At Mooloolaba and Alexandra beach, you can use any of the BBQ places for free!!

I prefer the Mooloolaba ones because not only is it close to my place but also there is a Coles supermarket just 5 minutes walk away where you can get a BBQ and some drinks as well. 

If you have some fortune, you will see rainbows and.. take a picture like this~ 😉

 I expect to see you at the beach and the BBQ place soon too.

The lovely Sunshine Coast beaches are a part of our university life !

Studying at University of the Sunshine Coast will also let us see beautiful rainbows.

I like living here very much. Hopefully you do or will too.

See you at the beach! Bye bye bye~ 😀

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