Natnaree from Thailand: Kangaroo! Friends and Food..?

Kangaroo! Friends and Food..?

Yesterday, when I walked to the University I found a little cute kangaroo chilling near the lake next to the University. Australians call the baby kangaroo ‘Joey’.

It is very common to see some kangaroos around the University. When I think about Australia, kangaroo is the first thing that comes first in my mind. I can see the kangaroos at the green yard in the University, on the street sign and at the food market!

I was really surprised when I had BBQ party with my friends and they wanted me to try kangaroo meat. I had never known that you can eat kangaroo! I could not explain what it tastes like.

For easy to imagine, kangaroo meat is like beef, but more sticky. The weird thing is my Australian friends don’t like it. However, for some international students it is a good experience to try it.

The kangaroos at the University are wild kangaroo. They will protect themselves if someone tries to touch them, especially the baby kangaroo. They sometime jump around the University or lie down under the tree just next to the buildings. They are not dangerous, but for safety keep some distance from them.

I had the excited experience with the kangaroo in the University.  One day I finished class and walked back to my apartment. The big kangaroo jumped and stopped in front of me. We were very close together. He looked at me. I feel like he wanted to know what I will do if he stranded and blocked my way home. I couldn’t do anything at the time. I was scared and think if I keep walking, he might punch me. I had to turn back to the University and wait until he goes. I was safe..

However, the kangaroo at Australia Zoo is so nice. They are friendly and always come close to everyone, especially when YOU HAVE THE FOOD IN YOUR HAND!!!


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