Patty from Taiwan: Welcome new flatmate

Welcome new flat mate!!

 I recently got a flatmate, Sabrina who came from Mongolia. I was very delighted to meet her and we got on straight away mainly because we both spoke fluent Mandarin, we had no communication problem between us, but more than anything, this took me back to my country and brought wonderful memories. 

In Australia when you mention beer, every man and his dog turns up. In our culture as soon as you whisper Chinese traditional cuisine, hot pot, everyone will start to dribble; therefore, I decided to prepare hoot pot to show her my warm welcome. 

First of all, we started off by going to the Asian grocery shop and bought lots of fresh vegetables, dumplings, noodles, meat and heap more. 

Four of us decided to share the job. We were having lots of fun as we started the cooking task as you can see from the pictures. 

 Time flew so quickly, after an hour of laughter, fun and cooking, finally the hot pot turned out beautiful despite 3 of the cooks had never done this before, because they didn’t have to cook back home.

 We had the best time as we ate the hot pot, all of us felt so relax and happy, that it felt like being back home with our own family. 


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