Carol-Anne from France: Kia Ora to New Zealand (Welcome to New Zealand in Maori)

During the two weeks break, I decided to go to New Zealand: first of all, because I’m a huge fan of Rugby and the Rugby World Cup is being held over there; second, because it is a very beautiful country. I was only there for five days because that is all I could afford but, the best five days I’ve had in a long time!

It’s always good to take a good break from Uni, that way you come back stronger and with more motivation. My friends and I went to the Auckland Region on the North Island. We drove around a bit in order to get the most out of the five days and we saw some beautiful sceneries. We drove into the different wineries north of Auckland in Kumeu and tasted some divine wine! Was able to bring some back from my parents as well, so that’s good news! Of course, since I’m a big rugby fan and support my country 150%, we went to a rugby game: France – All blacks (NZ team). We lost. Still worth it though because the feeling you get being part of 60 000 other rugby fans chanting, laughing, dancing to support a team is magical!

To get over the game, we went to the French team’s hotel, thought we might see a few heads pop out of a window a few times. We were way luckier than what we thought since we were able to get more than 15 pictures and autographs!! Good day I must say! And then it was the end. But I’m glad I had the opportunity to go to such a beautiful and welcoming country. They have such a unique culture, the Maori culture, it was rewarding to learn about everything they had to teach and offer. One of the most welcoming countries I have been to!

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