Natnaree from Thailand: The balancing act !

Assignments…make me be a great time manager!!

The first half of this semester has already passed. How fast is it? I still remember the first week of this semester when I met new friends and new lecturers.

Also, I still remember the day that I was stuck with my assignments. The first thing that I always do when the semester started is checking the assignment due date. I am quite sure that most of the students did the same thing with me.

The assignment due date is very important to plan my trip in the mid-semester break because I have to finish all my assignments as much as I can before I go to the trip.

Students normally have four courses in one semester and every course has about 4-5 assignments. We will have overall about 16 assignments per one semester! It is a big job. My friends and I always go crazy when we had to submit two assignments in the same week. I can become a nerd, sit with my laptop and shut myself in my room whole day before the assignment due date. Therefore, I have to be very careful of my time management.

Normally, I will have one day to relax and be lazy all day because I don’t want to get stressed from the study.

When I have a trip, I will forget about my study, work and assignment.  However, when I come back to study, I will study so hard and do my assignments properly.

I am an international student. I live far away from my family and friends.  I feel that  staying abroad can make me feel bit stressed and added pressure sometime because everything here is new for me.

If I can be the good time manager, it can make my life here easier and more relaxing. I can enjoy my break time and feel proud of my assignment results.

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