Patty from Taiwan: Loving the sunny coast markets

The Cotton Tree market is not a typical or ordinary market. One of the things that make the market standout from other markets is that most of the products found in this market are unique and are tailor-made to suit the needs of customers. 

For those who are art fanatics, this market provides exquisite and artistic products that cannot be found elsewhere. Whenever I get an opportunity, I always visit the Cotton Tree Market. 

Last, Sunday my friends and I visited the market, though we did not have enough money to buy everything we found to be appealing, I must say we had a great experience surveying the unique products found in the market. 

Our first stop was at the cakes and biscuits stores, this is one of my favorite stores. This store offers different ranges of mouth watering flavours of cakes and biscuits. 

Subsequently, we headed to the art stall, where we found different exquisite paintings, mosaic flower pots and portraits. I was surprised to find such beautiful paintings being sold at low prices. We purchased four paintings and two mosaic pots, these items were unique and exquisite.

Later, we proceeded to the adjacent stall which consisted of tailor-made coasters. I found the coasters in this stall to be extremely beautiful and artistic.  Sadly, I could not buy any of the coasters since they were specifically ordered by other customers.

The vendor explained to us that, one can provide their own picture which can be used to make a unique coaster. 

 Finally, we ended our journey at the market by passing through the guitar shop, where we saw unique and artistic kinds of guitars.

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