Felix from Germany: Rusty

Hey Guys,

I hope you are all doing well?

I feel great at the moment! Why? Well, despite the fact that I’m still in Australia, I also  enjoyed my 2 weeks semester break. Those two weeks of holidays are officially established to give the students a chance to recover and have some extra time to handle upcoming assignments. The reality looks a bit different though. Especially the international students use this time to travel and to have even more party than during regular uni time. So in my opinion, we need one week extra break to recover from the semester break….. J.

But let me tell you a little bit about my previous travel experiences. Therefore it is essential to introduce to you my good and reliable friend “Rusty”. Rusty is a car. Not a regular car, but my car. I got it as a present from a good friend from Germany who spent some time in Australia as well before I came here.

I’m pretty sure that you are wondering now, why I got a car as a present. Rusty is special. In fact Rusty is a 24 yeas old Toyota estate with 400400 km on the clock. That’s ten times around the globe! As a consequence of his age, Rusty has of course some shortcomings. He’s running on only three cylinders, he’s loosing oil, the ignition is out of function from time to time and when the engine is starting it sounds and feels like you’re riding a huge tank. A mate called it once a “character car”, others are assuming that Rusty is a transformer autobot (which I think is true!). Because of those circumstances Rusty’s road permission is only running until the end of September and when we asked a mechanic if we could get an extension he burst out in laughing. That’s the reason why I got him as a present.
But he’s running until the current day and we already had lots of great road trips together!In August we went to Brisbane with 4 mates. To save some money we decided to sleep in Rusty as well. I have to admit, it wasn’t quit a restful night, but my relationship to this car got even closer. Brisbane is a stunning city by the way, it’s a must see place in Australia for sure!
Last week we went to Byron Bay, the world famous Surfer spot. Again we slept in Rusty for three nights and again it was a great experience. We got caught by the police twice (it’s forbidden to stay overnight in your car in Australia) and survived some other accidents like exploding gas cookers. And  Rusty took me to the Gold Coast for the Uni Games. I was so exited! And guess where I slept for 5 more nights?
Concerning the circumstances of my “accommodation” and the demands of the tournament (partying, competing in sport, more partying), I want to apply officially for this extra recovery week before university starts again!
Take care and keep your fingers crossed that Rusty won’t let me down in his last days!



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