LEE from South Korea

Hi, guys. The final exams are ending this week, time flys like an arrow!
Some of the international students, including my flat mate, are going back to their countries so I would let you know a fine restaurant in the Sunshine Coast area.


The name of the restaurant is Flame Hill Vinyard Restaurant, in Montville which takes 30 minutes from university by car. They provide a variety of wines as well as the wine from its winery. Above all, the view from the terrace is fabulous!

 At the side of the terrace, you will see some guinea hens seeking preys under the grape trees. And.. you can choose those.. for a meal, if you want.. xP.


The cost of the meal is quite expensive for students, however, you can only try a glass of wine, if you want. Important thing is the view and wind in the Sunshine Coast!!

It would be great having last dinner with the friend planning to see again in the near future.
Have a great time with your precious friends. 😉


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