I’emari from USA: Aboriginal community

Waking up on a Monday morning, the only thing that was on my agenda for the day was to meet with my group concerning our debate for class for about an hour to just discuss some recent data that we had collected, a good jog afterwards, and to end complete it with yet another relaxing day to enjoy the Mid Semester Break. Fortunately, those plans were changed. Two of my good mates invited me to come to an Indigenous symposium since one of them was on the program to speak. With adjusting my body to enjoy the mid semester break and to sleep in, I was a little hesitant but I decided that I would go support for that hour that she was to present.

After being there and learning more about the different programs that are being established to help the Aboriginal and Torres Strait community, I was easily and quickly intrigued. Also to hear the stories of those whom spoke about events of their past and the past of their parents and forefathers really moved and interest me to the extent that I was stuck to my seat and only wanted to hear and learn more. After the speech, we were directed outside which we were allowed to partake in an aboriginal traditional purifying process. This consisted of a very Large size bowl that consisted of leaves that burned and smoked that created something which could be described as an incense. This was to allow the smoke from the fire to purify the body.

Afterwards the vice chancellor was asked to speak. To see him come to the symposium was really special for me because it showed me that my perspective of the USC staff was true. The majority consisted of really nice people that cared about their school and their students. Being that this was the Vice Chancellor, I wanted to meet him and waited while he stood in a conversation. I was warmly greeted by a smile and handshake from one of the ladies that he was talking with. This turned out to be the Head of Student Services. She was very nice and introduced me to others that had top positions within the university. The feeling of talking to them was very warm and comfortable. To be such high calibers of the university and also friendly was great. Also I met some wonderful people whom are highly respected and known within the Aboriginal Community. They also greeted me with warm open arms. I was quickly convinced to be at the second half of the symposium which was on the next day, even if it required me to wake up at 8:00 a.m. during my Mid semester break.

The next day was even better. I learned the story behind one of the aboriginal paintings which was amazing for me. The entire day gave a greater overview of community and steps that could be taken to preserve and enhance it. These experiences were memories that I would remember for the rest of my life and I was glad and privileged that I was given this opportunity by USC. Being from Mississippi and raised to always have a connection with family and also the community, it is very easy for me to begin to miss my family, friends, and community. These are the 3 factors that have made me who I am today. Also to be a part of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, which challenge and teaches me to try my best to make a difference daily within my community, is also reinforcement for me to continue to want to help others.  I miss being among and a part of my community. This is a way of life for me. Coming from a strong family including aunts, uncles, cousins, and etc, it becomes all that a person knows yet to see that trait in others whom are so far away from home, is reassuring. The world truly consist of all type of people but to now recognize that this is for the whole world and not just my home, stimulates  inner strength to discover that maybe I am not so far away from home after all. A person’s goal should not only be to make a difference in their own community, but to also make a difference wherever they stand. Not only that, but to also make a difference however and wherever they can, no matter how big or small it may seem. A moment in life is just a moment in time, but that one moment can make a difference of a Lifetime. This is why I make sure that I let every moment count while I am here; Not just for myself, but for others.

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