Tiina from Finland: A visit to a fruit & veg store

I would like to tell you a little about my visit to Erbacher’s, a fruit & veg store. It is a sensational place definitely worth a visit (or two, or three…) – if you just get the chance, go there!

I first went there with my Australian housemate during my first week here on the Sunshine Coast. The visit was definitely entertaining, and not just for me! If you are from a country like Finland where the common fruit and vegetables you get are limited to oranges & apples, and cucumbers & tomatoes, and where anything more exciting is also high on price, you will find Erbacher’s just fascinating. It is a vegetarian’s paradise – so many different types of fruit and vegetables, all high quality and low price.

Now, if pumpkin is something you only see around Halloween (and just small, expensive ones in just a few shops), seeing three different types of pumpkin all at once really makes your day. For some reason, my Australian housemate found my excitement about it rather entertaining… It might actually be a good idea to take an Aussie there with you, just so they can educate you about the new, exotic fruit and vegetables such as squash and many many others.

My favourite kind of pumpkin is the butternut pumpkin – it’s sweeter than the others, and it’s a lot easier to get rid of the shell/skin too! Try frying it on a pan til it softens and add garlic, ginger and other ingredients as desired. Serve with pasta or rice and fresh salad. Enjoy!

P.S. In case you haven’t tried this yet: dipping strawberries in (white) chocolate sauce just saves any rainy day – or makes any sunny day ten times better!

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