Tiina from Finland: Eumundi markets

We are all now having a busy time at the uni with finishing our assignments and revising for the upcoming exams. Here is a tip for you if you feel you need some time off from studying: Visit the Eumundi markets.

This is why I like the Sunshine Coast region so much; it is so versatile, from beaches and relaxing nature to shopping centres and cosy markets. We went to the Eumundi markets early on a sunny Saturday morning. The scenery is just incredible. We also popped to another tourist attraction, the Big Pineapple, on the way. It used to be very popular but has nowadays closed down.

I found it amazing how peaceful and relaxed the atmosphere was at the Eumundi markets – despite the fact that it was very crowded! There were dozens of different stalls, everything from food, clothes and souvenirs to live music, massages and fortune telling. I was tempted to visit a fortune teller but then decided that I actually did not want to know what my future would be like after all!  My favourites at the market were pumpkin-feta muffins, deep-fried potato “chips” made out of a real potato in front of your eyes (so good and so unhealthy!) and homemade (non-alcoholic) ginger beer. That is something we don’t have in Finland, so I will probably have to bring a few bottles with me back home, unless I figure out how to make it myself.

On the way home we stopped at the Sunshine Beach to dive into the ocean and enjoy the sunshine. After such a perfectly relaxing day you will have lots of energy and new motivation for studying, guaranteed!

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