Natnaree from Thailand: Jetboat Extreme

Summer is coming! I can feel the weather is getting warmer every day.

My sister came from Thailand to visit me on the Sunshine Coast recently and my boyfriend and I took her travelling around the Sunshine Coast and one day tour to the Gold Coast.

My sister had enjoyed the beach and sea at the Sunshine Coast so she wanted to do something different when we were at the Gold Coast. We did not have time to go to Movie World or Dream World (but I really want to go there when I get a chance).

My boyfriend suggested us to try the Jet boat in Gold Coast.  The Jet boat is a speed boat which takes you along the main river in Gold Coast (sorry I don’tremember the river’s name).

The boat will increase the speed faster and faster and then spin!! It was not only one turn but many again and again. We became all wet, even we are wearing raincoats.

It was so much fun and exciting! I really recommend this to everyone who has no idea what to do in the Gold Coast (except go to the beach). Also, for the jet boat is better to go around 4-5pm because it is pretty nice time of the day then and the scenery when cruisoing down the river is priceless.

One thing is the price! It is around $50 for 55 minutes, less than a dollar a minute.  Not bad isn’t it?

Travel safe ! See ya !

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