Patty from Taiwan: Kayaking at Chambers Island

One of the most adventurous experiences I had this month is when I went Kayaking at Chambers Island with my friends. The weather was great, the sun came out and the rays of sun were stifling.

Following our arrival at the island, I was amazed at just how beautiful the Island is.  We went swimming, kayaking, and did some water painting. At lunch time, we bought fish and chips and had lunch in the park. After lunch we had an interactive session with my friends where we played a wide range of games. It was fun bonding with my friends and getting to know them more. Chambers Island provides the perfect scenery for swimming, fishing, sailing and kayaking.

However, there are several safety precautions that one has to take in order to stay safe at the beach.  For instance, in order to be safe from the ultraviolet rays of the sun which can cause damage to the skin, it is important for one to follow the simple steps of “Slip Slop Slap, Slide and Seek.”

  • Slip on a long sleeve shirt
  • Slop on the sunscreen
  • Slap on a hat
  • Slide on ultraviolet protective sunglasses
  • Seek some shade

In addition to this, the acronym for the word FLAGS can help one to remember how to keep safe when swimming.

  • Find flags and swim between them
  • Look at the safety signs
  • Ask a lifeguard for advise
  • Get a friend to swim with you
  • Stick your hand up for help

I had a great time at the Chambers Island and I will forever cherish the
fun-filled experiences that I had. I enjoyed every minute of this adventure and I hope everyone else enjoyed their holiday.

The weather is gradually becoming hotter, summer is here and its the end of semester.  Evidently, we are coming to the close of 2011, despite the various ups and downs experienced this year, I must say, it has been a good and interesting year.

It is true what the say, “time flies when you are having fun”. This is my last blog this year and I would like take this chance to wish everyone a happy Christmas and New Year holiday. Hope to see you all next year!


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