Martin from Switzerland : Exams

First at all I would like to say sorry for my long absent. I was quite busy during the last weeks in the semester. I had to finish all the assignments and afterwards the study period for the exam started. And as you can imagine, as an international student I went on a road trip with my friends right after the exam period, but I will tell you more about that in another blog. Today, I would like to share my experiences from the exam period.

There are three main differences in comparison to my home university. Personally speaking, it was most important for me to be aware of the fact that all grades from the assignments are also part of the final grades apart from the final exams. This took a lot of pressure from my shoulders and I was more relaxed regarding the exams. Further, the learning period was not that intensive as I was used to it as we have only a final exam for each class in the end of the semester in Switzerland. Therefore, everything depends on the final exam and if you pass or fail them independent from any assignments during the semester.

Moreover, all the information necessary for the exam is provided in the last tutorial or lecture of your class. We even had access to some case studies we will have to deal with in the exam. This allows a very specific preparation.

Consequently, the exam venue in Australia is totally different from what I was used to. When I went to my first exam, there were two queues. Namely, one directly in front of the huge sport hall (probably space for 500 students or even more!!) and another one in front of a container, I first was wondering about. So I informed myself and some friendly students told me, that you are not allowed to take any kind of bags into the venue, except a pencil, your student ID and a bottle of water. Consequently, all your belongings were stored in the container. So I gave my bag to the security, got a number for it, and then walked over to the other queue. When it finally was my turn, I had to randomly pick a little paper out of a box, which contained my seat number. That was the whole process form arriving at the venue until I got my seat in the stadium. I found the whole process quite strict but well organized by USC, while in Switzerland I can chose my own seat and I am not required to store my bag somewhere in a container outside the building.

But all in all I am very satisfied with my exams, because I passed them all !

Ps. Obviously I was not allowed to bring my camera into the venue, and therefore no pictures for this blog.

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