I’m doing my semester abroad at Louisiana State University in southern USA and I’m having the time of my life! Louisiana is known for their ‘southern hospitality’ because the people here are so friendly and go out of their way to make your visit a memorable one.

LSU is situated in a college town where everything is designed for students. There is always something to do every day of the week! LSU fits every American college stereotype  – traditions, keg parties, beer pong, red cups, American football, frat boys and sorority houses.. It feels like I’m in an American movie every day, it is all so much fun!!!!

I’m only an hour away from New Orleans and I’ve also been able to travel easily and affordably  all over the states during my time here. Next week I’m going to Cancun, Mexico for Spring Break!! I’ve met so many new people, learnt so much and made enough memories to last a lifetime. I recommend the USC GO program to everyone.


Amy in the USA

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