Guten Tag!

Excuse me if I write this with a touch of nostalgia, as back home it is currently Australia Day and today I am celebrating by having a German language exam. But the last six months really have been a whirlwind of new experiences, adventures, challenges and new friends.

The opportunity to study in Germany through the GO program has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only am I benefiting my studies but I am doing something that is completely outside my comfort zone! The highlight of my journey would have to be all the amazing travelling opportunities around Europe. Since this is my first trip to Europe I did a couple of months travel before the semester started. I was lucky enough to be able to visit: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Paris, London, Prague, Amsterdam, The Greek Islands and Budapest.

Studying at Rhein Ahr Campus hasn’t been all easy though, as the German language is very hard to master. I still classify myself as a beginner as I am only taking one class a week. But I am proud to say that although I can’t speak very fast or formulate quick responses, I can understand most conversations by picking out key words.  

When applying for the GO Program I never thought the decision would completely change my life – but it has. Not only did I move halfway across the world, but my life moved with me. Living here in Germany now has become my new life… I have new classes, new friends, a new language and a new way of living. And because I’m just loving Germany so much… I had to enrol for a second semester!

Auf Wiedersehen,


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