Olivia in Germany

This photograph was taken during a annual festival in a Bavarian village called Sennfeld. I jumped at the chance to stay with a German family for the weekend and experience the local festivities. The whole village gathered in front of the church wearing traditional clothing and sitting along benches eating pretzels and drinking from 1L beer glasses. However, unlike the famous Oktoberfest, I think I was the only tourist present. That explains the attention t-shirt-clad me and my camera drew from the young men in the photograph.

This night landscape of Marburg, was taken from the castle, Landgrafenschloss. It was my favourite spot in every season. I would sometimes sit or lay on the wall for hours, looking out over the city. The view is particularly majestic at night. This view also features Marburg’s iconic crooked church tower. There are many myths and legends about why this tower is bent, although the student’s versions are a little too crude to be relayed here.

During my semester in Marburg, Germany I took the opportunity to visit a German student I had met at USC in his hometown, Erlangen. It was only October and I had no idea it would begin to snow that weekend so I only packed trackpants, sneakers and a rain jacket. Daniel had mentioned that he wanted to take me on a walk in the countryside with some of his uni friends but I never expected I would be hiking four hours in the snow in my meager get-up. However when when we finally emerged at the top of a cliff overlooking this beautiful traditional village it became clear that it was absolutely worth the frozen feet.

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