Kruger Park, Africa

Doing my overseas work experience at Kruger Park I had some quite extraordinary experiences.  In this first picture I am helping Kruger Park scientists and veterinaries performing a health check on a captured wild White Rhino as part of a research project to eradicate tuberculosis among the park animals.   For me this was a win-win situation. The Rhino got a free health check, and I got an awesome and unique experience that I will never forget.

This second image captures the essence of Kruger Park’s natural landscape: a picturesque scenery of Africa with a touch of life.  While having lunch along the Sabie River all of a sudden out of the clearing a herd of elephants started crossing the river. The herd was led by the matriarch, the oldest, wisest female of the herd. It was a out of this world experience and it felt like watching a animal documentary on TV.

In Kruger National Park the main inhabitants are not people, but animals. I believe the only way to showcase this unique culture is by portraying these magnificent and unique creatures. This elephant was quenching its thirst from a waterhole near the Satara Camp. The elephant was waving its ears to cool itself in the scorching heat.  After having a drink the elephant started spraying water on its body before throwing dry dirt on itself to get protection from the sun. A truly magnificent sight, which is rarely experienced by a student on a study trip.

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