Hanna in Indonesia

After my intensive 6 week language course it was time for some relaxation. I wanted to visit the Island of Komodo where the world’s largest lizards live. It was no longer tourist season so the only way to reach the remote island was by local fishing boat. This photo was taken as I was travelling from main land to the island. My boyfriend and I slept 3 nights on-board this rickety boat.


For Indonesian farmers life is hard, many live ‘hand to mouth’ and spend countless hours of back braking work in the rice fields far into what is the Australian standard of ‘retirement’. In Indonesia, thousands of farmers, such as this man, have been evicted from the fields they have cultivated for generations, due to national authorities giving concessions tolarge companies to exploit their lands. Local farmers are replaced by large plantations, including palm oil and rubber plantations, food estates, mines, roads and other infrastructure projects. However, regardless if his living situation this happy go lucky farmer was overjoyed to talk with me, and have his photo taken.


The local markets in Indonesia are guaranteed to assault the senses. Smells (both good and bad), tastes (also both good and bad), colour, noise, arguments over prices, herbs and spices stacked so high you wonder how it is they never fall from their arrangement. Women beckon you to visit their occupied space and offer you their best price (usually five times the amount of a local) but hay does it really matter, especially when the price is only about a buck? The market place is where I go whenever I fell like killing time and practising my language skills. It is 2 always a busy place and people are forever happy and amused to see a ‘bule’ (Indonesian slang for tourist) inspect the local products.

-Hanna Allcock

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