Jared Langmaid in Munich

One of my most memorable experiences was Waldfest, when translated means “forest fest” and is one of the many Bier festivals that take place near Munich during the summer break. I found myself dressed head to toe in a completely authentic Lederhosen drinking a traditional mass (1L beer) amongst the true Bavarians. My outfit consists of the traditional leather pants (known as the actual lederhosen), a collared Bavarian shirt, polished black shoes, long white cotton socks and a green velvet vest (all for only 200 euro!!). I am told I look the part and fit right in. Easily one of my best experiences spent on exchange with USC.

The Bavarians of southern Germany are steeped in Culture. There are the young “kinder” (or  children) volunteer during the summer “bier” festivals and earn a pretty penny from collecting the empty  “Mass” (1L beer glasses) from the adults and put them in their carts. It is also traditional culture for the  Bavarians that you must wear your Lederhosen (boys) or Dendl (girls) to almost all events.

I also visited the Lake Tegernsee in the Bavarian Southern Alps of Munich. The lake is home to many festivals and activities during the summer as well as skiing in the surrounding hills in winter. This particular spot is the popular beach point as well as a great spot to see the hang-gliders jump from the mountain opposite. A Truly beautiful landscape.

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