Kirra in North Carolina

Studying abroad at Elon in North Carolina was one of the best experiences I had while during my degree. University is quite different in the United States and there are so many opportunities that were offered to me while studying abroad. Particularly with their business and sports programs which directly related to my interests and my double bachelor. Meeting people and building networks was one of the most valuable things, being open to new friendships and different cultures provided plenty of travel buddies and wild experiences! I made great friends from different nationalities; Deborah from Singapore and I met on our first day at Elon University Campus, North Carolina, and we are still in contact, after my return to Australia! One of my most memorable campus experiences was Festivus, which is a collage festival, held at the end of semester. A day where the entire college fill a paddock with water and dive into the mud! So much fun, so many memories!

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