Taya in New York

I’m so thankful for this amazing opportunity to study and live so close to my favourite place in the world. You cannot help but love New York City and its many people streaming like a river over the pavement, a billion feet, a billion footprints, step, step, step, continually pushing through the air. It’s mind boggling to imagine the thoughts, so many little lives, and little worlds colliding, the brush against a shoulder, the hand that accidentally slides by yours, the smell of coffee from another’s coat, the blank stares and the fast feet. Where are they all going? What are they all doing here? How did they get here?


Adelphi university has been an experience of a life time. I’ve learned to understand sporting culture, watching basketball and baseball games just meters from my dorm room. I’ve learned all about sororities and fraternities, Delta, Gamma, Sigma, Kappa. I’ve even attended a frat party or two, rooms filled with those little red cups. I’ve ridden in a big yellow school bus to a fraternity formal event. I’ve ate a Twinkie. I’ve ice skated. I’ve skied. I’ve woken up at 5am on Easter morning to attend a sunrise mass on ‘America’s No. 1 beach’ in the Hamptons. I’ve shoveled snow after a snow storm. I’ve lay on the bleachers at the baseball field, tanning on a sunny day. I’ve done too many things to keep on listing, but best of all I’ve made friendships to last a lifetime.


Now I’m one of the many people streaming like a river over the pavement, step, step, step, pushing through the crowd. Now my life is colliding with others, I  brush against a shoulder on the sidewalk, my hand accidentally slides by another’s, my coat smells of coffee and my foot prints are making their invisible marks on this city. I don’t know where I’m going, sometimes I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’ll never forget how I got here.

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