Ben in the U.S.A



I landed in Los Angles after the best flight I’ve ever had! At the terminal in Fiji about to board my flight to LA, I scanned my boarding pass and I got beeped by the machine. I was a little bit nervous but then the lady said “I’m so sorry sir, we have amended your seats and you are back in first class”. Who in their right mind would say “ahh actually I paid for economy”. So I went on to sit in first class and literally was treated like royalty. Unlimited drinks, epic food, bulk hot towels, a lazy boy which turned into a bed, big screen TV and 3 ply toilet paper. It was the best system glitch I have ever seen and I made sure I made the most of it haha.

Last night I stayed in Inglewood in a motel called Motel 6 and it was pretty ghetto to say the least. No amenities, smelt like cigarettes, some of the carpet was wet (ewww), and I had to pay for WIFI. There were groups of lookalike gang members just hanging outside…it was so sketchy walking the streets to get dinner (El Poco Loco Chicken… was so good! I understand why they have the obesity problem haha). Today I am on route to Sacramento where I am meeting up with my friend, who I bought a Dodge Van with and we will make our way across the country.  After everything though I still don’t really believe in culture shock, I’m just soaking it in and enjoying every bit of it.


Jay and I have picked up the Van …and named him Bruce, we have to San Francisco where we drove over the Golden Gate Bridge, which was epic. San Fran was amazing. We found so many touristy things to do along the Piers! Next we decided to trek majority of the Californian Coast down Highway, straight to Santa Cruz. In Santa Cruz we spent the day at the beach where the Boardwalk Theme Park is. Next stop was to Monterey Bay, I saw my first preference of the GO Program. Now I am super happy with my choice of Niagara Falls, after seeing Monterey, it’s a nice town but very historic and rustic.

Brekky in van consisted of a Hot pan, butter, 3 eggs, cheese and a tin of sausage baked beans… That’s living! Next Stop Las Vegas!! I am currently writing this blog in a suite in the MGM Grand, “just sayin…”. Yesterday we went to the pool party Wet Republic, this place is another world, a wonderland even. We strolled the Las Vegas strip last night with a gigantic plastic cup in the shape of a cow girl and made our way through casino to casino. My two favourites so far is the Bellagio and New York New York. So that’s my journey so far! Next stop Grand Canyon… and yeah it’s pretty grand!

So that’s my journey so far. Jay and I are leaving for the Grand Canyon soon to do the Havasu Falls hiking trek in Havasupai. From there we make our way to Albuquerque, Amarillo, Oklahoma, Nashville, up to Chicago to drop Jay off and then the solo trek to Niagara Falls, my home for the next semester!

By Ben McNeil







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