Moritz studying at The University of the Sunshine Coast

Experiences at USC

The time I spent so far at USC was simply fantastic. I love the personal and friendly atmosphere on campus, the great weather and the kangaroos. USC does a lot of things to make it’s student’s semester as successful as possible. The equipment is really new, lecturers are friendly and with student life and learning the University offers a great service that helped me to write and finish my assignments. I’m also stoked about the great places the Sunshine Coast can offer. So far, I enjoyed trips to Noosa, the Glasshouse Mountains,  Australian Zoo and Fraser Island. A real highlight was the trip to Fraser Island where we stayed at the University Camp Dilli Village. Overall I am more that satisfied with my semester abroad at USC so far and I can already say that this is by far the best semester I have ever had.
Adventure Fraser Island

The trip to Fraser Island, offered by the University, was absolutely amazing. In a nutshell: We swam in crystal-clear Lake McKenzie and Eli Creek, saw dolphins, whales and dingos, went through the rainforest and had great bonfire nights at USC´s Dilli Village.

On a friday morning the off-road busses took us to the ferry at rainbow beach which then took us to the island. We drove at 80 km/h along the beach straight to the famous Maheno Wreck, which has been stranded on the beach since 1935. After that we had a swim in Eli Creek’s crystal-clear filtered rainwater. The USC team was very friendly and provided us with delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner and even with pipi BQQ, mussels we collected at the beach earlier that day. A highlight was the tour through the rainforest, in which timber was cut until Fraser Island became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992.

By Moritz Bettray

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