Rhianna’s adventures at North Carolina State University


Here is a little update of my ‘Study Overseas’ semester so far.

The First image is of a competition held by the university called Battleships. The aim of the game was to sink other teams canoes using utensils from our dorms. My team consisted of myself and another Australian form Adelaide and two American’s who live in Alexander hall. We placed second overall due to a broken alliance. Our canoe is the bottom left.

The second picture is of the students from Turlington hall all dressed up for Halloween. It is a tradition of Turlington Hall to host a haunted house each year at Halloween and I decided to get involved. The theme this year was a carnival/freak shows and it was incredible. As Turlington is the arts village there were many talented actors and a plethora of enthusiasm to execute. I was the knife throwers assistant and dramatically got my throat sliced and produced fake blood from my mouth. (I’m up the back in the group photo).

The third picture is a winning picture. Myself, two other Australians and an Englishman decided to enter the “Monster Dash”. This was a huge obstacle course held on the engineering campus of NCSU and encompassed both physical and mental challenges. It was the week before Halloween so they included bonus points for dress ups and I borrowed some referee shirts from the gym. One of the obstacles included canoeing across Lake Raleigh with water pistols and shooting cardboard cut outs of rival universities (patriotic I know). It was quite similar to Tough Mudder held on the Sunshine Coast. Anyway, we decided to run the entire course (competitive) and had loads of fun and to our complete surprise we ended up winning! We won Nike bags printed with Monster Dash, Free T-shirts and food. Was a very good day.

The fourth picture is from the third week here in America, where the whole of Alexander Hall (global Village) ventured 3 hours south to Wilmington Beach and camped out overnight. Was great to see the country side and finally get to play in the ocean again (I’m not really coping without the beach or the heat).

The fifth image is from an NC State football game at half time. The NC State band, cheerleaders and dance teams definitely put on a good show.

Sixth photo was from the presentation I did about USC. This was to a group of staff and students who are in the College of Sciences who were looking to Study Abroad. I believe I did a pretty good job at promoting USC and the lifestyle of the Sunshine Coast and had 17 people come and visit me a couple of days later at the Study Abroad fair. Leads me to my next photo of the Study Abroad fair and my set up. I was the only student from Australia with a stand and information. I handed out all of the flyers and booklets and I made a slide show presentation on my laptop for people to look through. I also had my iPad and made a photo album for people to look through as well. I talked to prospective students for about 3 hours and gave them as much information as I could. There are so many students who want to study at USC but were too afraid and didn’t know where to start, so I believe I have alleviated that worry for a large number of students. There is a huge interest in summer programs at USC as well. I had my Spartans cap and shirt and a pair of thongs to help with my stand. The photo with the NCSU mascot was also from the fair.

The last photo is the free expression tunnel where the community is encouraged to freely express themselves in tunnel on campus. This has reduced graffiti on the campus and in the wider community and it a great platform to advertise. I haven’t put something on there yet but I plan to.

Hope all is well on the Sunshine Coast and you are all soaking up the sunshine as I am slowly freezing. I miss home and our great university.

Rhianna Robinson

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