Kate from Vermont, USA studying at USC


Choosing to study abroad in Australia was one of the best decisions I have ever made! I knew even before going to college that I wanted to visit Australia, and the program here at USC has been absolutely perfect. At home in America I live up north where it is very chilly and we have completely opposite seasons, so coming to a place where I could spend any day on the beach sounded like a dream come true.

 Right away I was thrown into a different lifestyle than I’m used to when I learned that two of my roommates would be boys! The opportunity to live with people from all around the world is something I would have never expected here, but turned out to be such a great way to meet different types of people.

I’ve had the opportunity to travel a bunch around Australia. I’ve done weekend trips to Brisbane, Sydney and the Gold Coast, as well as a week in the Whitsundays and I just returned from a week traveling through the outback from Ayers Rock to Darwin. Who knew I would get to travel to so many unique and different places here! I have found in traveling that everyone here in Australia is so friendly, but especially everyone I have met at USC. People in nearby apartments always say “hey” as they walk by or wave in the gym and on campus. My teachers are friendly and approachable, which I didn’t expect from my first time ever being in a lecture-style class of 300 plus people.

While I do miss my friends and family back home, and I am excited to see them in a few weeks, overpowering all those emotions is the sadness I have that I am leaving this gorgeous place! I’m really going to miss the days on the beach tanning and having ice cream, and the hundreds of opportunities I’ve had to take selfies with kangaroos! This country has gone well above my expectations, the University of the Sunshine Coast couldn’t have been more welcoming, and I am extremely grateful and lucky that I had the chance to make some of the best memories of my life here in Australia!​

Kate D’Orsi

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