Maddi studying in Stockholm


Scrolling through the social media accounts of all my travelling buddies made me feel like I was missing out on something important. Kicking back on a tropical beach in Thailand, trekking through ancient forests in China, dog sledding in Lapland Norway etc etc. I had some serious FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) going on. I decided I could not wait two years until I finished my degree and that I had to go now! Conveniently, a Study Overseas advertisement caught my attention. Six moths later and a lot of paper work I am now in freezing cold, beautiful, Stockholm, Sweden.

I am now almost 2 months into my semester here and it has been a whirlwind of parties, ‘fika’ breaks (more on that later), Ikea trips and snow! The realisation has only just hit me that I will be living in this magical place for the next 6 months. Stockholm is an enchanting city that spans 14 islands and dates back to the 13th century. Although, somehow this city of almost 900,000 people manages to be quaint, cosy and very welcoming; it’s unlike any city I’ve ever been to. More importantly, yes, the people are just as good looking as you think they are! I feel as if I am getting closer to achieving my life long goal of getting a long term/long haired Swedish lover.

It has been a very busy start to my time in Stockholm. I have tried to immerse myself into every opportunity/experience/adventure that arose, resulting in a very tired but happy Maddi. So far I have been ice-skating, snow skiing, cross country skiing, frozen lake swimming (would definitely recommend), I attended a traditional Swedish dinner (Sittning) involving a lot of singing and got to see some of the local wildlife (moose and deers!). I have already met some amazing people from all corners of the world that have openly accepted my loud, obnoxious, embarrassing Australian self.

I feel very lucky that I am able to experience this beautiful part of the world and couldn’t be more grateful to the Study Overseas Program as well as the Stockholm Business School. The lessons I will learn about myself and about this crazy world will be incomparable. As much as I have enjoyed my time here and wouldn’t swap it for a night with R. Gosling I have some advice to future Study Overseas goers: Travelling is definitely one of the better things to spend your hard earned cash on although be prepared for the times when its lonely, scary and sometimes tear inducing and remember why you set foot on this crazy adventure. Okay enough of that stuff, its a sunny day in Stockholm (trust me, this is rare) and I’m going out to enjoy it!

I almost forgot about fika, which is probably my most favourite thing about Sweden. It is the act of drinking coffee and devouring a sweet treat, kanelbulle – they’re delicious, whilst enjoying the company of friends. As soon as I learnt this word I knew Sweden and I would get along just fine and that I’d probably come back 5kgs heavier.

By Maddison Campbell

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