Maya at Arhus University in Denmark

Arhus University (Far left photo) and the top-left photo was taken sometime in February. Arhus does not snow much compared to other Scandinavian countries. However, it is very windy as it is close to the ocean and there is no mountain in Denmark. Now day-light-saving has occurred and getting lighter but it used to be completely dark by 5pm. Bottom-left photo shows the beautiful sky in Arhus and this was taken on the way to go home. Arhus University is large and people can get lost very easily so I always use the special app to find a classroom.

The main city has canal and it is a peaceful and beautiful place. There are many cafes around the canal so it will be perfect to have a coffee outside when the weather gets warmer.

This is one of Danish traditional food calls Smørrebrød. It is an open-sandwich and it is delicious. Danish usually eat it for the lunch but you can eat it anytime and it is very filling. People eat rye bread a lot than white bread. It is cheap and healthy but some foreigner doesn’t really like is as they think it is little sour. Liver paste is also common to eat with rye bread.

Arhus is three hours away by train from the Danish capital city, Copenhagen. One of the strong advantages for living in European counties is that you can travel easily to other European countries and flight is cheap, so it is necessary to go to the Copenhagen airport if you would love to travel around. There are also trains and buses go to Germany or Sweden. However, Denmark also has beautiful places and it is nice to walk around Copenhagen before traveling. The day I went there was not the amazing weather but Scandinavian building was wonderful and it was great that I did not need to take public transport to visit sightseeing places. I will go again when it gets warmer.

Danish people are shy and take time to get to know each other but they become very nice once they get along with you. I was lucky that my mother language is Japanese as there is bachelor of Japanese studies at Arhus University. In that way, I made many friends through teaching Japanese and also there are party calls Friday Bar once a month. Some student from each faculty organizes a big party for students and you can meet new people there. Every Tuesday night is an international night so it is also another great opportunity for meeting people from different faculty. Each international student have Danish buddy so you can always ask them if you are in the trouble or need any help. There are also organized support for international students so there are some events that organized by student house where people go for coffee or drink and housing office for your accommodations as well as international office. I am enjoying the life in Denmark and I am sure this experience will be my treasure in my life.

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