Vincey at Doshisha University in Japan



Studying at Doshisha University for two semesters was an awesome experience. Throughout Japan and the Kansai area Doshisha University, has a very good reputation and is considered to be a very prestigious private university.

I have had so much fun seeing and visiting so many different places on my Study Overseas semester, hear is a list of only a few of the amazing places I have been to: Nagoya we visited Nagoya Castle (picture one), Fushimi Inari (picture two), riding Rickshaws in Japan with the other exchange students (picture three) and visiting Sensō-ji Temple, Asakusa – with the other exchange students studying at Doshisha University (picture four), seeing and dressing up in Japanese Traditional Dress and Adornment (picture six, seven, eight),Β  monkey feeding, and lastly but certainly not least the beautiful Kinkaku-ji Temple (picture fourteen).

Doshisha University is regarded as one of the best if not the best private university outside of the Tokyo area. It’s one of the most international university’s in Japan having many non-Japanese students (picture 8).

I have fallen in love with the culture, people and food (Parfait picture fourteen), these are only some of the reasons why I decided to extend and stay at Doshisha University for another semester!

Vincey Chan

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