Melanie from the Philippines studying at USC


I took the initiative to study abroad and it was the best decision I have made as of yet. Since landing in Australia where I basically knew no one, I learned to stand up for myself and asked questions no matter how random and silly it might seem. It was quite daunting at first (just like any other time you did something you’re not used to) but it keeps you motivated to do and experience more.

It was here at the University of the Sunshine Coast that I got to experience lectures with 100 or more other people from different walks of life and still have a great support group academically helping me through my degree. It’s just that personal connection of having other people around that makes studying abroad so much more bearable and fun. Since living here, I’ve realized that experience is more self-fulfilling than any other material gain. I enjoy waking up to the variety of birds chirping and being able to walk along the bridge connecting USC and the houses and just spotting wild life (kangaroos) at its most natural state. Being able to buy food and other handmade crafts from the daily markets is also great. But the best thing is that you get to be surrounded by different beaches and mountains.

In just a short amount of time, I’ve been able to go and explore different places in Queensland. From the city, to the beaches, and to the outback, there’s just so much to see. Here, you get to witness the beautiful sunsets of the Sunny Coast as well as the wonderful city lights of Brisbane.

Melanie Ang

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