USC student who studied in Germany on exchange goes to the U.S.A for reunion!

11853932_1159765184050595_1598960260_nGoing on the Study Overseas program on exchange to Germany has by far been my best experience whilst studying at USC. I studied at the University of Mannheim during semester two of my second year in 2013. During this time I was able to make some great friendships with people from North and South America, Europe and Australia. Keeping in touch with everyone proved difficult especially with friends who live overseas with the time differences.

A year and a half after leaving Germany I found myself sick of arranging skype calls and wanted to go on a holiday. The next week I booked a holiday to America to meet up with my friends who live in Huntington Beach, Boston and Tampa. One of my friends from Norway decided to get in on the action and arranged to join my trip. We all met in Boston where we were able to reminisce on memories in Mannheim and catch up on what we had all been up to lately. It was such a great break from work and university. Closer to home I still keep in contact with some girls who live in Brisbane. I catch up with them regularly and it is a good excuse to go down to Brisbane for weekend getaways. I have met some amazing people through the program and it has allowed me to form connections all around the world.

By Jess Smith

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