Mari Studying at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville

My name is Mari and I am currently doing a study exchange in Tennessee. It’s an awesome place and I hope that some of you are able to come here and experience some of the things I did. At the moment I have only been here for four weeks but it is the biggest adventure I ever did. The people here are incredibly friendly and really funny, they help you wherever they can and invite you to more house parties than you can actually attend. And the most important thing is that football is like a religion here people are absolutely crazy about it! We had the first home game of the season yesterday and it was crazy to see the entire stadium cheer for Tennessee. Imagine a 100.000 people covered in white and orange!!

I also visited Nashville, which is one of the biggest cities around here and really famous for country music. If any of you come here you have to visit Wildhorse Saloon and learn all the country dances; it is heaps of fun! I also joined a woman’s rugby team and we had our first game yesterday, which we unfortunately lost. Expect that loss and the muscle pain I feel on places I didn’t even know I have muscles, it was one of the most fun sport experiences I ever had. Additionally, there are heaps of crazy internationals here you will have a lot of fun with! I think we tried to count how many nations we were from ones but we gave up after 20. So practically just all over the place from Europe, Asia, Australia and South America. Therefore, you can be hundred percent sure that your travel won’t ever end after you leave here but you just get a lot of new destinations to visit and you might make some friends that last you a lifetime! So if any of you get the chance to come here do it, you won’t ever regret it I promise!

By Marilena Jüttemeier

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