Robbie studying overseas at Stockholm University in Sweden

Greetings! My name is Robbie Hannan and I completed a 6 months travel abroad to the wonderful location of Stockholm Sweden! Upon arriving in the country I suddenly realized what an overwhelming experience this was going to be and nearly had a full blown panic attack. As I pondered why I decided to go overseas in the first place whilst waiting for a bus to take me to a Uni presentation. I over heard 3 loud English lads trying to organize what they wanted to get up to in the night. I walked up to them and asked if they were going to the Uni as well, which they were, after a quick chat they told me to tag along with them for the rest of the day and come explore the city after we were finished at Uni. I happily accepted, and as the night progressed the British lads and I ended up recruiting a group of 10-12 people to tag along with us and from the very first night in Stockholm I made some friends that would last me my entire time abroad.

This night changed my entire outlook of my Study abroad experience and made me realize how friendly everyone was, and the wonderful experiences I was getting going to places I’ve never seen before whilst immersing myself in another culture.

Stockholm is and incredibly friendly and clean city fill with beautiful locations. The train system is amazingly designed and I was fortunate enough to be able to get anywhere in the city that I would like within 5 minutes. Including some of the historic sites such as the Vasa Museum as well Gamla Stan – known as the old town as Stockholm (bare in mind that it still has some of the best night life in Stockholm).  Everyone in Sweden also speaks perfect English so travelling was no issue at all.

The University was located a 5 minute walk away from my accommodation, all my classes were taught in English so it felt very similar to studying in USC. Being in another country was also a refreshing experience and looking back I actually enjoyed some of my all day study session until 9pm in the library with a group of my friends where we would always end up having a few drinks back at our houses.

Overall, my experience was an absolutely amazing one and the friends that I have made overseas will always be in my heart. I would absolutely recommend someone to do the same trip that I did and to be ready for an amazing time.

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