Georgia studying overseas at the University Of Massachusetts Boston


After several months of contemplating whether or not to study overseas, I finally listened to my gut and put in an application to study at The University Of Massachusetts Boston. Unsure if I was ready to commit to the decision with the fear of such a big change, I was accepted and I instantly knew I was meant to go.

Being such a university city, Boston was the perfect place to be surrounded by many others in the same position as you. Other young university students, studying in cafes, running in the park or travelling on the train, constantly surrounded me. Just a train ride away from some of the biggest universities in the world including Harvard University, MIT, Boston University and the University of Boston, I felt motivated and as if anything in this world is possible. Boston was a great place to explore and to learn about its importance in American history including the Boston Tea Party and The Boston Massacre.

UMASS Boston is a small university located just out of the city and right on the water. I was able to get out and explore almost every day with a train station located just a walk away from my university and apartment. Lucky enough to form a great connection with my roommate, on weekends I was also able to venture out of the city and explore more of the countryside of Massachusetts.

Studying overseas has hands down been the greatest decision I have ever made and the best experience of my life yet. I have grown as a student and as a person and highly recommend it to anyone who is considering it. It may be scary at first but once you take that first leap you will never regret it!

Here is also the link to a video I made of my exchange:

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