Synne studying overseas at Tecnhologico de Monterrey Campus Queretaro in Mexico

My semester abroad in Mexico!

My semester abroad has taken me to Mexico and at Tecnhologico de Monterrey Campus Queretaro. I have lived in Queretaro for 3 months now, and I get more and more in love with this city and the country. For the short time I have been here, it has become my second home! I have made friends from all over the country and I have filled up my suitcase with way to many souvenirs and memories for live.

The university is the most prestigious university in Mexico and have many campuses throughout Mexico. There is many international professors and students coming from all over the world. The teacher are flexible in their teaching style and often take us students on field trips to show us historical sites and hidden secrets in Queretaro. Back in the classroom, the duration of a class is normally 3 hours. My classes exist of ‘Spanish’, ‘Mexican culture’, salsa and some other interesting courses.  Since the campus is much bigger then USC, we have bikes or a bus to get around from building to building. Our campus is really safe with at least 4 security guards at each entrance and buses to drive students closer to home at night.  When I am not in class, it is nice to sit somewhere around campus on the grass with some friends and get some sun. On the other hand, it is nice to grab some lunch from the streets around the university, which is full of small restaurants with amazing Mexican food. Such as tamales, tortas, tacos and so much more. Queretaro offers many markets with fresh fruits and vegetables, meat along with fresh meals.

The school have been arranging trips to San Miguel and Teotihuacán. San Miguel is an hour away from Queretaro and they are known for their artistic dolls. Teotihuacán is pyramids from the indigenous population in Mexico and it was well preserved. We were able to climb up ‘the Pyramid of the Sun’ and see the beautiful landscape. Another trip we took was to an amusement park called ‘Six Flags’ and it was huge! It is in Mexico City, so we got an insight of how big the capital is. It is breathtaking how big a city can be! One of the most memorable trips I have been on was when a group of friends and I went to Tequila (the town) and Guadalajara. We went there to see how Tequila is made of course able to taste some different brand of Tequila and it is so much better here than in Australia! We went to the factories, farms and heard stories how people had lost toes from cutting the plant and how it was a religious drink before the Spanish people came to Mexico.

I live with a host mom close to university. Most of the host families have two students living together, and that includes my host mom. I live with another exchange student from Denmark, which is nice to have someone to share your experiences with. We walk to school together, study together and we have been traveling together. Our host mom makes us 3 delicious meals a day, clean our bedroom and clothes, and help us practise Spanish. It was hard in the beginning, since she do not know any English and I did not know any Spanish. However, this has turned out to best, because I have to practise the Spanish I learn in class. In addition, she is the nicest person and she always make we are safe and enjoy our stay here in Mexico! In addition, it nice to know you have someone that knows the system in case something would happen to me. She also tells us about Mexican history, culture and some stories based on her experiences growing up in Mexico.

I am so glad to have had the opportunity to see the good side of Mexico! Even more to say I have lived and studied in such a clean, beautiful and safe city as Queretaro!

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