Declan studying overseas at the University of Applied Sciences Munich

Student Exchange Experience By Declan Cox

As a University student being able to do a semester aboard is one of the best opportunities you can do while studying. The chance to study and travel at the same time with the benefits that the university supports you is the best! My semester aboard was in Munich Germany which has many attractions such as Oktoberfest, festivals, bars, English garden, German language and good music for nightclubs. The subjects that I did at the University of applied sciences Munich were very interesting and enable me to meet and hang out with the locals and other exchange students to explore in Munich or plan other trips around Europe with them on the weekends. During my stay in Munich we stayed in private accommodation which was quite pricey but nice, however I would suggest staying in student accommodation as it is cheaper and you have the chance to meet more internationals that way and have great experiences during your stay on exchange. Europe is a great place to explore we did mostly Western Europe and northern Europe and a bit of the east. My favourite destinations would have to be Prague, Barcelona, Munich, Copenhagen, Paris and Rome. I suggest if you’re wanting to do an exchange overseas to pick Europe for an experience to never be forgotten! As I will definitely be returning to do the places I missed in the near future and visit the friends I have made in Europe.

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