Becca Studying Overseas at Adelphi University in New York

I still can’t remember the reason why I chose to study overseas. Something compelled me to leave my comfort zone of the Sunshine Coast and take a leap of faith. Don’t get me wrong, I miss everything about Australia, but over the past 13 weeks, New York has definitely become my home away from home.

When I first hopped off the plane I was a fish out of water, it was cold, late at night and overwhelming. Just a reminder to anyone going in January, pack some gloves in your bag so you don’t freeze your fingers off wandering the streets looking for the shuttle for your hotel. Oh, and pack your visa forms in your carry on luggage (I felt like I was on an episode of Border Security).

New York is exactly what I expected it to be but everything I never imagined at the same time. You can spend a whole day wandering through the streets of Manhattan and still be sad when it’s time to go home. As for Adelphi, I couldn’t have asked for a better university to call my temporary home.

People ask me about Steve Irwin and that guy Cory with the glasses that had a party that one time. They ask if we have Google in Australia and if we celebrate Christmas which makes me giggle every time. They use the word ‘salty’ not to describe a taste but a feeling, and are very confused when I ask if I can borrow their thongs for the shower.

Being immersed in the American college experience is definitely something I won’t forget. It has made me a more adventurous, understanding and independent person. I have laughed till I cried, sat on the floor with my roommate at 3am eating Chinese food, road tripped through Canada and have explored the city too many times to count – you can’t get that in Australia.

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