Mads Hvarre from Aarhus University in Denmark studying at USC Sunshine Coast


My USC experience

I have had a wish to travel since primary school. I am in my final year of my master degree now in Australia, which is around 16’000 km from my home in Denmark, which was one of the important factors when choosing a location, getting as far away from home as possible.

I have been used to living alone in Denmark’s second biggest city, so living in a suburb near the Sunshine Coast in an apartment with three roomies has been a fun and most important a new experience. Back at home, living in a little city would be boring, but with the nature that surrounds the university, and the trips that are offered at the school have made the experience way more than just a study abroad experience. I have been to a surfcamp at Arrawarra Beach, kayaking trips in the Noosa Everglade, rock climbing in Brooyah etc. and this is all, at least for me, without any previous experience. Furthermore, there has been a lot of trips with a student organised group called USC activate, i have been to nature reserves and waterfalls in the surrounding. This group has also arranged social nights almost every Wednesday and has therefore been a good way to get to know people.

My studying has been different compared to my home university, since 75% of my credits comes from three times 14 day intensive courses, It may have excluded me from some of the social life at the university, but gave me more spare time in the daily life to experience the coast.

My time down under has flown away rapidly and it is going to be a sad day when it is time to leave Australia. But I feel that I have been lucky to attend a university that have been so amazing and welcoming. A last comment would be that as a non-Australian, seeing kangaroos on the university campus is pretty cool.

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