Shariq from Pakistan studying at USC

As a student, picking the right university with relevant program, good course content, comfortable environment, outstanding supporting staff, advanced teaching IT facilities, cooperative lecturers and remarkable track record was vital. Therefore, I chose University of the Sunshine Coast (USC).

USC is a great University with surprisingly rigorous academics. I must say that studying Master from USC was one of the best decision I have ever made.

Every lecturer I met at USC was very enthusiastic, actively involved in the industry in which they teach and willing to give you time and help you out throughout the semester.

The best part also includes opportunities to extend skills outside the classroom. As USC offers quite numerous extracurricular activities and so being a part of these activities in USC, I have learned other essential soft skills and gain some incredible confidence that will help me further in my professional life.

Other thing that matter most is that you enjoy the environment that you are in. USC has everything you need, including students common room, various relaxing places, several sporting facilities and don’t forget the library. Being an International student, I was bit afraid initially about how to adjust in a place where everything is new to me, but due to friendly and warm welcoming environment of USC, I overcome my fear and enjoyed the rest of the time and learned so many new things.

The academic and the overall student experience have benefited my personal development incredibly. Spending two years with USC will always be my best period of time.

I made a lot of friends who I hope to stay in contact with forever. I have experienced a whole new culture and traditions, and grew independently. It is well worth the costs and will greatly expand your views on Australia.

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